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Rudy was very helpful! Provided much-needed advice about my website and Google Ads campaign that will seriously help my gutter cleaning ads reach more customers. Highly recommended for small businesses!


Justin Mood
Owner, Community Contracting

Here’s How We Manage Your Google Ads

Phase 1: Google Ads Campaign Setup


We need to identify how people are searching for your product or service.  We do this by using a variety of tactics as well as utilizing paid software to search for popular keyword phrases or queries.


Here we can determine how successful your competitors are by researching their online presence and identifying the keywords they are bidding on.  We can look at their Google Ads, as well as their website and landing pages, to see if can cross-examine their current success with your potential success. 


The message has to be clear if you want to have a successful campaign.  There is a limited amount of space in the headlines and descriptions of the ads.  We want to make sure what we are saying gets them to click the ad and buy from you.  This is the step where we collaborate on your vision and put it out to the world through your campaign.


If your website is not already built for marketing purposes, then we will need to build landing pages that work to convert traffic into leads.  Here we will take the ad copy in Step 3 and create a page that is congruent to the message in the ad.  We want them to buy, so it will be built to sell!


This is a must if we are going to measure results from your campaign.  This step is what helps us determine who is filling out your online forms and making calls from your website.  By installation code we can calculate your return on investment (ROI), return on ad spend (ROAS), and actually see which ads are working and not working to be profitable.


Here is where we will set up the actual Google Ad campaign.  This is where we create the hierarchy of the ad campaign, by organizing Keywords to Ads, Ads to Ad Groups, all based on themed keywords of your product or service.  We set up network targeting, locations, ad extensions, call extensions, scripts, and negative keyword list feeds.

Phase 2: Google Ads Optimization


We continue to analyze the campaign, adding or removing keywords, campaign restructuring based on keyword match types.  Negative keywords are the most important factor in having a successful campaign.  We are always adding negative keywords and ensuring your ad shows to the right people.


Here we monitor your ads daily to ensure we are bidding correctly on the right keywords.  Manually bidding at the beginning of your campaign is very important as Google’s AI needs time to understand our strategy.  This is also a way for us to capture search terms and queries from people searching for your product or service, and see if they are buyers intent keywords or if they are research or information intent only.


What works for one company may not work for another.  This step is important as we want to make sure the ads are converting and the copy is delivering a message that sells.  We test the ad copy and landing page copy by way of A/B split testing methods to find out which one performs better over a period of time.


At this stage, we are most likely within the 30 day period or longer.  You may have even received a few leads by now, which is great! But just because you received leads, doesn’t mean our job is done.  We have now collected just enough data that we can make optimizations even further.  This could be anything from expanding the campaign to other placements or modifying our campaign to function in a more automated way. The goal is to increase conversions and lower costs so your campaign can be profitable.


We continue to monitor your ads on a regular basis, ensuring the bids are working and the ads are profitable. We make our recommendations and adjustments according to our project’s goals.  We send our clients a report every month so we can collaborate on any new ideas and improvements in the future.

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